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AeroLux Propeller


  AeroLux Performance Propellers
                                                                                 Kiev, Ukraine

AeroLux over the last ten years gathered some of the best talented Propeller engineers and thru their efforts they have developed the best of the best propellers on the market to day.

 AeroLux uses the closed cycle of the propeller manufacturing that allows them to have excellent quality control to insure that all the propellers are of the highest quality.

The Hubs are cast aluminum alloy. The blades are hollow, monoque, made of fiberglass material utilizing autoclave curing.
AeroLux is Manufacturing two, three, four and five blade propellers in it facilities in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Distinctive advantages of the AeroLux Propellers are:

1.Blades have longer and wider metal leading edge protection.
2.Better balanced.
3.Blade angle adjusted by mean of a degree scale built in the propeller.
4.Lowest of propeller noise.
5.Better performance.
6.Stylish blade and hub design.
7.The absolutely the best in performance, looks and Quality.