Finding free drug rehabilitation center

Finding free drug rehabilitation center

How to find free drug rehabilitation center with insurance-cover options

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments can be costly. The cost varies depending on the drug rehabilitation center and the treatments that are provided, the accommodation available and other provisions like food among other provisions. If you opt to use your insurance to foot part of the bill, you might want to make sure that the drug rehabilitation center you enroll into accepts such insurance payments. For some people though, any amount is too much to pay for rehab. Under such circumstances, there are only limited choices available for you. Don’t be like most people who give up on the idea of rehab all together owing to lack of funds to pay for drug rehabilitation. Join the free rehab centers and public assistance for rehab programs that have centers all over the country.

Options available for free and insurance covered rehab


The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration is the government provided search tool for locating rug treatment centers. Here you can also choose centers based on the individual requirements of the patient. However, not all centers that you locate with this tool will be free or allow insurance to foot the bills. You need to contact them first to find out if they do offer free services or provided for insurance cover.

State funded drug rehab facilities

In most states, you will find free rehab facilities funded by the local government to provide free rehab services to those with no income or insurance. To qualify, you will need proof that you are an official resident of the state, you do not have income or insurance cover and are legally residing in the US. On top of all this, you need to prove your addiction status and why you need intervention.

You can find a directory of all single state agencies for substance abuse services to ease the search contacts.

Faith-based drug rehabilitation programs

There are quite a number of groups like Salvation Army Adult Rehab centers or Harbor Light Detox that are based on religion and offer these rehab services mostly for free. These and many more centers are to be found all over the country and you can always google their locations relative to yours. Usually, these have a faith based traditions integrated into the treatment. Also, not all faith based organizations offer their drug rehab facilities for free so you should inquire properly before starting sessions.

Rehab treatment that results in full recovery for free!

Finally, free drug rehab includes nearly all the services offered at centers that are non-free. From simple inpatient care to simple outpatient medical maintenance, these facilities cover a full range of treatment options with some of the best tech and treatment methods. In addition, you will be able to get some simple post treatment support after you have fully recovered. All in all, these free alternatives to expensive drug treatment services are worth your time and effort. So even without the money to pay to be pampered at the drug treatment center, you can still get quality treatment that will result in recovery.